Westsyde Elementary

Photography Day Oct 12th.
Retake and Class Photos are Oct 27th.

Free delivery to school, cut off date Nov 4th
Photos arrive approx. mid November to School

After Nov 4th

Direct ship to customer for $6.95 
Arrives approx. 5-10 days after order. 

Digital downloads are within 24 hours.

For multi children family orders please use same email address for each child.  Only check out after all orders are completed for 1 shipping if shipping direct.


Welcome to the My Photos Help Centre

What is my Online Gallery code?
Your online Gallery Code can be found on your personalized flyer that was handed out by your child’s teacher. This code is for retake day as well. Contact us if you require codes for children with separated families.
When will my portraits be online?
Your child’s photos will be uploaded to their online Portrait Gallery approx.  3-4 days after their sitting appointment.
Can I change my background when I order?
Portraits that have been photographed using our Virtual Background program allow background changes.Click on the different backgrounds in your online portrait gallery to see all these portraits. Portraits taken on a solid background cannot be changed
Can I mix poses on one sheet?
With ordering a package you may choose different poses per sheet. Ordering sheets separately may consist of only one pose.
Re-take policy?
If the Portraits are not to your satisfaction, complete the retake information found on your child’s original handout which must be returned to the photographer on retake day. This will help you communicate any issues to the photographer.
How long will my Portraits be available to order?
Your Portraits will be available to purchase online until March 1st the following year and then archived for an additional year. NOTE: Archive fees apply to all orders after the the above date.
When will I recieve my photos?

If delivery to school it will be 3-4 weeks after the Photo Order Deadline Date. The deadline date is usually 7 days after the retake day. All orders received by the deadline will be delivered to the school. Please be patient they are on there way.  If ship to customer direct it will be approx 1 week.

What payment types are accepted online?
Visa, Master Card and Visa/Master Card debit as well pre-paid credit cards are all accepted.
What if I don't have a credit card to order online?
There is downloadable manual photo order forms that can be delivered with payment to the studio. You may pay by cash, cheque or money order. Manual orders will not be collected from schools.
What do I do if I make a mistake on my online order?
Once an online order has been submitted, changes cannot be made to the original order. Please call or email us directly to resolve any issues.
What if my order is incomplete or wrong?
If you you did not receive the correct order, please phone or email us directly within 14 days of receiving your order. We will look into your order and correct it for you if needed.
Can I order if I missed the order deadline?
Yes you can order online, please note: a shipping & handling fee of $6.50 is applicable and your photos will be mailed directly to your residence (there is no delivery to PO boxes).
How do I receive my Digital Downloads?
If a Digital Download is purchased, you will receive a separate email (within 24 hours of placing your order) with a secure link to your image(s)
I haven't received my photos yet?
Occasionally photos may be misplaced or classes may hand out the photos on different days, please wait a couple of days or check with the office. Check with your child’s teacher, or check there desk.
What is your Satisfaction Guarantee Policy?
Due to the custom nature of digital photography and the fact that photographs, once printed, cannot be exchanged or returned; Your Photos has a NO REFUNDS POLICY. Once a transaction has been completed (the buyer selected and paid for the photo and Your Photos has fulfilled the order and delivered the buyer the correct photograph)it is considered non-refundable. Refunds will NOT be given due to “not liking a photo”, selecting an incorrect pose, selecting an incorrect background, cropping, not entering discount codes or any other reason. If a mistake is sent to the buyer, there are missing components or there is a quality issue with the finished product, Your Photos will send the corrected photo to the buyer free of charge.

How to Prepare


Help your child pick out clothes and colours (do NOT wear green) that look good on them. After all, your child is the star of the photo—not their shirt, so avoid slogans, logos, and big patterns. Small jewelry and accessories are fine but nothing too big or distracting.

Any hairstyle works for Picture Day. Schedule haircuts a few weeks ahead of time to allow hair to grow back a little, or you can go for a fresh-cut look.

Keep kids relaxed and ready to be themselves. Smiles can look fake if they’re practiced ahead of time.

Don’t worry about “perfect”! That hair that always sticks up or a missing tooth shows your child just as they are right now—and you’ll enjoy looking back on that for years to come.